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Pro17 uses a proprietary combination of human emotion indicators to forecast a predictable 17 day cycle for any stock or ETF.  Pro17 provides clear and concise recommendations for when the time is right to buy, sell, or stay neutral.

Since 2008, our "Sure Trades" have produced 85% winners and 10.5% avg profit per trade. Our weekly "HOT STOCKS" have hit their price target 81% of the time and produced quick returns averaging 13% to date.

Our forecasts called the market bottom in March 2009 & the pending May 2010 "flash crash" three weeks before it happened.

Nov 25, 2012, the pro17 system indicated a ôlong term bottom reversal formation??? and recommended going long the market.

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Stock: The Coca Cola Co
Posted to Members on: 23 Feb 24
Recommended Action: buy less than $62.50
Entry Price: $61.15
Current Return: -100.00%
Trade Status: Open
22-Feb-2024: Sure Trade initiated @ $61.15. Upside is $70 within 12 months. 10-20-13 Short target met(38.63-36.85)5% profit.  Long term behavior is slowly shifting positive. Resistance will remain at the 39 range. ...
  • Our "Sure Trades" - producing annualized returns over 70%
  • Weekly outlook for the S&P, Nasdaq, DOW, VIX, gold, silver, oil, Euro, and Dollar
  • Weekly "HOT STOCKS" poised for quick profits
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A Recent Pro17 Forecast
CELH     Forecast date: 08 Feb 24
Recommended Action:buy less than $59 Click here to see
To: Gold Pro 17 From: Walter M. Van Wagner III, PE, PhD My congratulations to you !! I have been very profitably day-trading gold, silver and oil myself for decades .... and making alot of money. { That means I am older, relati More..
Just finished my first full year with Pro 17. My best year ever. Total portfolio up 24%. Anthony. California.
I have been a subscriber to the pro17 service for 2 months. I have found this to be the most honest accurate and objective service I have seen in the 37 years I have been trading the markets. I particularly like the hot stocks. What I do is use options 2 months ahead and 3 strikes out of the money to trade these stocks. I have 4 successful trades in a row and am now in GE april 21 strike at .41 the options closed today at .91. I will exit tomorrow with over 100 percent profit in less t More..

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Company Name Return %
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